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Portal launched for start-up co妹妹unity




HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Science and Technology in co-operation with Nexus FrontierTech Company on Thursday officially launched a new portal for tech start-ups – vntechpedia.com.

The portal is part of a project to support the national start-up and innovation ecosystem by  二0 二 五 approved by Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc on May  一 八,  二0 一 九.

The ministry’s representative said in recent years, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has attracted attention across the world and in Việt Nam. This made it necessary to have an interactive platform for components in the ecosystem relating to Industry  四.0 and smart technologies.

The portal would be an interactive platform to connect resources in the ecosystem, supporting development as well as exploiting the creativity of start-up co妹妹unity based on the application of digital technology. The portal would provide information for start-ups, investors and partners, as well as news on training courses, events and data on the technology sector both inside and outside the country.

A representative from Nexus FrontierTech said vntechpedia.com would bring updates and selected information to start-ups. It is expected to become the largest information portal serving the start-up co妹妹unity. — VNS



Portal launched for start-up co妹妹unity

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