A Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville Is Not Just For Divorce

The decision to get a divorce is one of the most important steps a person can take in life. For some people, divorce is devastating. For other people, it can be liberating. However you feel about your divorce, it is important to find the right family law attorney Jacksonville to help you with the many complications presented by the court system. It is also important to find a qualified family attorney Jacksonville to help you with issues that often go along with divorce, such as alimony or spousal support, equitable distribution, child support and time sharing and visitation. Legal representation is almost always needed if injunctions are called for when domestic violence is part of the marital problems. A professional family law attorney Jacksonville can help you avoid long-lasting problems if paternity needs to be established or when Father’s Rights are in dispute.

Hunt Green and James can provide you with a family law attorney Jacksonville, and can help you whether you need to file for a contested or uncontested divorce. Our attorneys will aggressively represent your interests while keeping you well informed of the divorce proceedings and your options. Jacksonville has many military families. A family attorney Jacksonville at Hunt Green and James understands how to handle divorces that apply to Service Members’ Civil Relief Act.

Even though Florida divorce statutes no longer contain the word “custody,” the courts in Florida still need to decide who your child will live with if you and your spouse cannot agree to an arrangement that satisfies both of you. A family attorney Jacksonville is necessary to represent the best interests of your child, especially if you are worried that your former spouse may abuse your child. Hunt Green and James will provide an attorney who will be a tireless advocate for your child. Hunt Green and James can also help you if you need to make modifications to time sharing or visitation arrangements, of if you need to make modifications to alimony or spousal support judgments. If domestic abuse or alleged domestic abuse is part of the problem, we can help arrange for an injunction or petition to have an injunction dissolved if the allegations are groundless.

Hunt Green and James can provide professional legal representation for family law issues even if you were never married and do not need a divorce. We have represented individuals who needed to establish paternity so that they could make sure the father of the child pays child support. We have also represented alleged fathers to help them learn if they need to bear the responsibility of providing for a child. Once paternity is established, we can help either the mother or the father deal with issues related to visitation.