Negotiating with Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville FL

Your marriage used to be a completing factor in your life. You and your spouse made decisions together in particular ways that adhered to the values and expectations you both shared. However, now, with your looming divorce, those values and expectations have been turned upside down and inside out. You need to make critical legal decisions at a very difficult time in your life, and this can be confusing and frustrating.

You both may be harboring a lot of negative feelings over the potential loss of home, friends, extended family, financial security, and most especially, over child custody. These negative feelings may be further intensified when your spouse’s Jacksonville FL divorce lawyers come to you with a less than satisfactory offer. Here are the ways to overcome your emotions when you’re negotiating a divorce settlement.

The stakes are always higher when you are negotiating something very personal than if you were negotiating something for business. The relationship you’ve had may have been quite emotional, and this separation may elicit painful and unanticipated reactions from you both. You need to keep in mind that the things you decide on during the negotiations will affect both of you, including your children, if any, for many years to come.

The good news is that everyone is more capable of resolving conflicts than he might think. You must have surely found yourself negotiating with friends or family at one time or another about some likewise personal matter. Channel the negotiator within you as you go through the divorce process. If you still think you cannot remain objective, then get a family law attorney to represent you.

Be aware that a divorce settlement goes through stages. Oftentimes, when the simpler concerns have been addressed and the settlement is almost over, you will be more motivated to compromise. As things are about to get settled, the need to review the proposed agreement will be more critical. Make sure that you thoroughly read and understand it. Better yet, go through it with your divorce lawyer.

Even though the Jacksonville FL family law attorneys you both hired will be the ones handling the negotiation, you two will be the ones making the decision. It is important that you think each decision through without rushing. There are good law firms like Hunt Green and James that you can consult about divorce settlements.