When Happily Ever After Isn’t, A Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer Is There to Help

A wedding is a happy occasion, with high hopes for a prosperous and loving future together. Unfortunately, marital bliss too often turns to misery and despair. It’s good to know a Jacksonville divorce lawyer is there to help when a marriage fails.

Hunt Green & James are family law attorneys in the Jacksonville region. The staff has many years of experience litigating divorce and other family law cases. With their emphasis on personalized service, a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville from Hunt Green & James is the ideal choice for anyone contemplating a divorce.

In Florida there are only two grounds for divorce, and a Jacksonville divorce lawyer can help sort out which option is right for the client. Under Florida law a divorce is only possible if one person is mentally incapacitated or the marriage is irretrievably broken. Most divorces are granted under the broken marriage rationale, but it is good to have an experienced lawyer to help plan strategy.

A divorce may be contested or uncontested. Uncontested means the parties have agreed between themselves to all matters related to ending the marriage. While this is an admirable goal, most divorces are contested. A Jacksonville divorce lawyer from Hunt Green & James will fight hard for the best interests of their clients in a contested divorce.

Many difficult and stressful situations arise in a typical divorce. Whether the parties disagree on child custody, visitation, debt or property disposition or other matters, having an ethical but aggressive divorce lawyer in Jacksonville can help relieve much of the emotional stress of divorce. A family law specialist with a successful track record makes all the difference when clients are involved in an emotional contested divorce.

Perhaps the most highly-charged part of any divorce is deciding on custody and child support issues. The Jacksonville divorce lawyer understands that the security and happiness of their children is the most important factor for divorcing parents. While both parents want what is best for their children, sometimes hurt feelings can get in the way of making the best decisions. The skilled negotiators on staff can help mediate a parenting plan that satisfies both parties and best protects the children’s happiness. If a plan isn’t possible, the attorneys will aggressively protect their client’s interests.

Because the area has many military personnel, hiring a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville who is familiar with military law as it applies to marital matters is important. The Civil Relief Act of 2003 places some special conditions on military divorces, particularly if one party is deployed. The attorneys at Hunt Green & James are experienced in the vagaries of military divorce law, and will work to protect the client’s rights.

Whether the client has a simple uncontested divorce or a complex divorce involving significant assets, properties and children, a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville is ready to help. The staff at Hunt Green & James is committed to equitable outcomes for all their clients, regardless of the challenges.